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Why Samsung Galaxy S3 shuts off automatically ?

My Samsung Galaxy S3 phone shuts off automatically after using 30 minutes. What could be the reason of that. The phone got heats up and suddenly restarts i don't know what is the wrong with it. Please tell me what is the solution of this problem.

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May 21, 2013

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May 21st, 2013

A number of users have reported this issue. The Samsung Galaxy S3 tends to shut down and restart randomly. To try to resolve the issue, kindly follow the following tips:

1) When you S3 shuts down, take the battery out and leave it for 10 mins so that all the extra electrical energy from the capacitors is drained out. Then put in the battery and start your S3. This should solve your issue.

2) Try to upgrade your phone software if there is an update available.

3) If the above 2 tips do not solve the issue, backup your data and perform a factory reset.

Hope this information helps!
Thank You.

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June 12th, 2013

Hi there could be several possible reasons for this. You have to do one of the following steps to get rid of it:

1. Turn off your phone and take out the battery, After 10 minutes, re-insert the battery and turn your phone on again. You need to see if it works.

2. Another user explain this problem’s solution as ” i have uninstall the FaceBook app from my cell phone and auto shutdown problem resolved” . It shows that there could be an app in your phone that forcefully turning your phone. Try to find that and uninstall it.

3. In case the issue won’t resolve your problem, you have to do a factory reset. Before this backup all your important data, settings, messages, pictures etc and get ready to reset your device.
From Menu Settings >>
Choose Backup and Reset >>
Select Factory Data Reset >>

After this your device will restart and all the phone will get back to its original state.

Hope this solution will help for you,

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March 31st, 2014

A new battery solved that. Problem for me

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