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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Runs Very Slow ?

Hi i want to ask my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Runs Very Slow, what could be the possible problem of this and how can solve this issue. I have tried few things but it is responding very slow. I remember few months ago my Galaxy Tab was working fine and i had no issues with it but now it is going slow day by day. Please Help

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May 21, 2013

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May 21st, 2013

Smart phones and Tablets tend to slow down after usage of a couple of months. this is because their cache keeps on filling up all this time and does not get drained and discharged. This makes the device run slower and lag every now and then. To resolve the issue, kindly follow the following tips:

1) Remove all cached data from your device.
2) Make sure to force stop all running applications and clear the RAM of all the accumulated data.
3) If the above 2 tips do not resolve the issue, then after backing up your data, perform a factory reset.

You can go to Settings >> Application >> All running applications

To have a better idea about how many applications are currently running on your phone and how many are useless. You can simply kill / uninstall unwanted applications from this screen. This will help your phone work smoothly.

Hope this helps!
Thank You.

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