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Ask by: Assasinz

My Samsung Galaxy S3 is not charging properly?


My Samsung S3 was very nice phone until few days back when it got this battery issue, it didn't charge properly i have changed charger but still problem is still there.
Any help.

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June 17, 2013

7 Answers

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December 18th, 2013

I spent my Rs 30K hardly earned money on Samsung Galaxy S3 on 25th May 2013 and bought tension. After two months my charger started charging very slow then I searched customer care (Dilsukh nagar) in Hyderabad and sent my charger along with bill with my friend because customer care was near to his home and its about 90 min journey from my home (Madhapur). When he went to customer care then customer care executive refused him by saying that he cannot exchange charger without having look of mobile. I am a working employee so I can go only on Saturday so after 15 days I got another nearby customer care and went on Oct 2nd to Ameerpet branch that is 40 min distance from my home but Manager talked to me very rudely and refused me by saying he does not have stock so come after 15 days, even he does not know how to speak with the customers. I told him at least take my charger back and raise a letter against my complain and call me when you will have in your stock then he said no come after 15 days so I went there after 15 days on Oct 17th then again he said there is no stock of charger. After two days I called to customer care and got my complain register with no-xxxxxxx then very next day I got a call by saying that please go to customer care and submit you charger and you will get it within one week. At least I got my charger replaced in month of November after 45 days of hard practice and spent Rs 1000 in visiting to customer care.

So it’s hardly recommended to everyone please do not purchase Samsung mobile. Please search on Google, more than 1000 numbers on customers having same problems and please read below link. Samsung is making fraud by selling Degrade charger

Sachin Goel

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January 28th, 2014

On the s3 their are around 10 pins that need to be soldered to the board. If one of those is up it could still charge but have charging issues so it most certainly could be the port needs replacing or resoldering. If you have tried a battery I would definitely try replacing the charging port. I found a company that does the s3 port repair.

They also have a video if you are feeling dangerous and think you can do it yourself ;)

Hope this helps!


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