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Is it possible to install Android operating system on my Nokia Lumia?

Hi i want to ask is there any way i can install the Android OS on my Nokia Lumia. I think the Nokia does not support Android but is this possible to forcefully install the Android in it ?

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March 5, 2013

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April 15th, 2013

Hi there, These are two different concepts first you need to understand them, Android and Windows are operating systems that are based on two entirely different platforms.

- Nokia supports only Windows Platform
- Android supports only Linux platform.

We cannot mix these both up under normal circumstances. You need a bit alteration in your phone operating system to install other OS in it. For this to happen, you need to hack the boot loader of the Nokia phone, which is certainly not a good idea, because if something goes wrong, it wont be easy to recover.

We recommend you to not try these options for the security and smooth performance of your cell phones. Android cell phones are designed for Android OS only and similarly Windows phones are designed for windows OS.

Hope this information helps!
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January 29th, 2015

Harune, I\’m think you are wrong. You are talking about Android as if it is the same thing that Nokia.

Android = Operational System and Platform that run OVER linux OS.
Windows Phone = Operational System and Platform

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