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Ask by: Sadaf

Honda City Vs Honda Civic which Car is better ?

Hi i want to ask which Honda car is best, Honda City or Civic both the cars are outstanding but can anyone tell me technical details of both the cars. Some people says Honda City is the best car which other says about Honda Civic.

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July 3, 2013

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Aiysha Asim

July 4th, 2013


Well it depends on your requirments. Please see below details

1-If you want economical car then Honda city is the best option beacuse per litre milage of Honda City is much better than Honda Civic.

2-If you want to have comfortable car and luxury car then Honda Civic is the best option

3- Honda Civic’s interior is much better than Honda City

4- Honda city is much more fuel efficient than Civic

5- Honda Civic has much better road grip than Honda City

6- Honda Civic is 1800 CC and Honda City is 1300 CC.

7- Technology wise there is not much difference between these 2.

Hope it Helps!

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