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The Latest Indoor Navigation Technology Works Where GPS is Irrelevant

Indoor navigation involves map reading within buildings. Since GPS reception does not exist within buildings, experts use other positioning technologies when automatic positioning is desired. Often, beacons and WiFi are used in the creation of GPS indoors. Contrary to GPS, WiFi and beacons help one to determine the actual floor level. Nonetheless, indoor mapping is impossible without automatic positioning. For example, location hardware such as WiFi and beacons is not required when a digital building map is integrated with a digital signage system.


Bold New Concepts In Software Requirements Management

For modern app developers, keeping track of Blueprint Software Requirements Management is deeply important. When a project’s requirements management tools become unwieldy, this can create a wide variety of efficiency problems. The software won’t meet the needs of the end user, which usually causes wasted time and resources. Of course, software requirements problems do not always present themselves immediately. When problems such as these fester over time, they can become systemic and difficult to resolve. From the very beginning of the development process, it is crucial to keep quality standards high. In worst-case scenarios, systemic software compatibility problems can lead to professional disaster. When comparing software requirements management tools, it is important to maintain an open mind. After all, innovative new companies are bound to upset the world of app development from time to time. If people don’t give new companies opportunities to shine, requirement management tools might not evolve appropriately.