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Can a Muslim Women go on Dargah (Ziarat)?

I want to ask can a muslim girl/women is allowed to go on Dargah (Ziarat). Some people say its ok to go on dargah and some people says its sinful for a women to go on dargah. Please explain this in detail

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February 13, 2013

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May 5th, 2013

Rasoolullah (SAW) has mentioned, “visit the graves, for surely the graves lessens wordly love and reminds you of the hereafter”.
Hazrat Ayesha (radiallah taala anhu) used to visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad and her father Hazrat Abu bakr (radiallaho taala anho) who were buried in a room of her house. She used to offer salams to them often. Later, when Hazrat Umar (radiallaho taal anho) got buried since then she started to veil her face.
Imam Fakhruddin says that “Fatima (radiallaho taala anhu) used to visit the grave of Hazrat Hamza (radiallaho anho).
Some people refer to the hadis “Allah dislikes the women who perform ziyarat” and say women should not visit the graves. The hadis is weak one. We should not act by relying on a weak hadis. Many ullamas of Ahle-sunnat are also in agreement with this view.
It is not forbidden but in fact a sunnat for women to perform ziyarat.

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