5 Tips to Choose Home Water Treatment System

As vital water is for survival, it is equally easy to get contaminated. Water contamination is a problem that plagues the whole world, and has given rise to various water treatment systems. The problem, is the water that finally reaches us after an entire treatment process may also be contaminated to some extent thanks to ruptured pipes and leaks. This has led many households to install home water purification systems.

These are different from the small filters attached to the faucet. Water filtration systems are bigger and capable of handling a large quantity of water. Several people have heard about water purification systems and one to install one in the house but have no idea how to begin.

It’s true that choosing a water filtration system can often be a daunting task. To make the process easier, here are five tips.

1. Whole house vs drinking water purification

There are two types of water filtration. You can choose to have only the drinking water at your kitchen sink filtered or you can filter all water that enters your home. Both of them are essential and also useful. However it is not easy to decide which one to choose.

The easiest option is to combine both of these systems. Filtering all the water entering your home as well as purifying your drinking water will give you a double layer of protection from germs and contaminants.

2. City water vs private well

Another important factor to consider when choosing a water purification system is whether you are on city water or a private well. Both of these sources of water carry a number of contaminants. Well water contains germs and bacteria like E-Coli, while municipality water often suffers from ruptured pipes and leaks.

UV water purification systems are generally recommended for the whole home for prevention against various microorganisms, but other water treatment methods should also be used depending upon the types of contaminants.

3. Types of contaminants

Not all water has the same quality. Depending on where you live and what kind of water you use, there may be a number of different contaminants in the water. For filtering out different contaminants you may need to use separate purification methods.

This can be best determined by an ESP water specialist, who can test the water at your house to find what kind of contaminants there are. The specialist will also be able to recommend the best water purification system for your house.

4. Number of bathrooms

Water treatment systems come in different sizes. If you want a system that’s dependent on the maximum flow rate of water, it will be determined by the number of bathrooms in your house. The higher the number of bathrooms, the more amount of water used, resulting in a higher flow rate.

5. Number of people

Some kinds of water purification systems are dependent on the number of people in the house. If you have only one or two members in the house, you will need a smaller system, while a larger household will need a system with higher capacity.

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